Metabolic Cages

Sable Systems International Promethion metabolic cages provide high resolution measures with industry leading accuracy of respirometry and behavior. 

metabolic cage
  • 3 Promethion High-Definition Multiplexed Respirometry Systems for mice, each with 8 cages, allow for simultaneous monitoring of 24 mice.
  • Each Promethion system is located within an ambient temperature- and light- controlled environmental enclosure DB034-LT Laboratory Incubator, Darwin Chambers Company, St Louis, MO allowing precise temperature control between 4 °C and 34 °C.
  • Indirect calorimetry, the in vivo measurement of both oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production, is assessed per mouse a minimum of 12 times per hour (in 5 minute intervals). With this information we can determine the respiratory exchange ratio and energy expenditure with a high temporal resolution.
  • Food intake, water intake, and body mass are assessed continuously using in-cage balances.
  • Activity is assessed using a 2D laser matrix with 1 cm spatial resolution. Distance traveled and total movement are calculated from bream breaks.
  • Injections, removal of food and other manipulations can be performed during monitoring with minimal interruptions in data collection. 

Optional Features:

  • A running wheel can be installed within each cage to measure voluntary activity.
  • Core body temperature and heart rate can be monitored continuously following surgical implantation of the G2 E-Mitter or G2 Heart Rate E-Mitter.
  • Fully enclosed bio-exclusive Techniplast ISO-P Cages fitted with HEPA filters allow metabolic monitoring of gnotobiotic, germ-free or immunocompromised animals.
    • Cage design does not allow for continuous assessments of food intake, water intake, body mass or voluntary activity (running wheel).
Weill Cornell Medicine Metabolic Phenotyping Center
413 E. 69th St.
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