Bomb Calorimetry

Oxygen bomb calorimetry is the gold standard for measurement of caloric content. Coupled with assessment of 24-hour food intake, calorimetric determination of calories excreted accurately quantifies nutrient absorption. Together with body mass, activity and energy expenditure measurements, this analysis allows mechanistic insight into the regulation of energy balance in the mouse.

  • Our oxygen bomb calorimeter,¬†Parr 6765 Combination Calorimeter, Parr Instrument Company, Moline IL,¬†quantifies the caloric density of a biomass.
  • At least 200 mg of biomass, i.e. fecal pellets or diet, are required for accurate measurements.
  • Fecal pellets are collected over a defined period (i.e. 24 hours), dehydrated for 48 hours, and assessed in triplicate.

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