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Grey McAlaine, B.A.

Research Technician

Grey received her BA in Biology in 2021 from Bard College. For her senior project, she conducted a pilot study of the microbial communities that live on spiderwebs She sampled the webs of sheet-web weavers in the Hudson Valley and cultured over 30 different types of bacteria from them. She then went on to study their Gram status, antimicrobial properties, and their genetic identity. During her tenure at Bard, she worked in a number of different labs studying everything from nanotechnology to soil feedback ecology. In August 2021, she took over for Vincent Dartigue as  the Metabolic Phenotyping Center research technician. 

Weill Cornell Medicine
Metabolic Phenotyping Center
413 E. 69th St. Room BB-650 New York, NY 10021 Phone: 646-962-6745